Welcome to the Old Bexleians’  Association Website

There are now 66 years of entrance to BGS and ex-pupils and staff who span every age range. May we express hopes that all of us and especially  our older or more vulnerable Old Bexleians stay safe and well at this awful time.

96 OBs have already signed up as users and are listed on our ex pupils page.  If you are at home and reading this,  perhaps it’s a good time to sign up or if one of the 96+ to add a photo or write a bit about yourself.

To look at the detail of most pages we ask you to subscribe by setting up a log-in and password  to use the site. For privacy reasons  we also have a second level password for the ex pupils’, ex-staff, pictures and OBA blog pages. It will change from time to time but will always be one of the six BGS houses. The current password is K******

You can also join the Alumni Facebook group.  It’s a great OBA resource. Over 2,300 Old Bexleians are signed up to the facebook page. Members regularly post old photos from their time at school and sometimes video clips. The current BGS headteacher, Stephen Elphick, ( photo above) is its administrator. It’s a closed group and you need to be a facebook member.

It is our hope that this site will promote the Old Bexleians Association  and help to link OBA activities with those of the school. Jacqui Snelling (Weller) is the OBA Secretary. She is an ex-pupil ( ’74 entry) and works in the school office. You can email Jacqui at snelling_j@bexleygs.co.uk.  Andy Leech ( Ex Staff 1975-82) and Gillian Edwards (1975-83) are the current website administrators and developers.’ 91

David Jones (Acting Chairman- Ex Head)), Marjorie Sawyer, John Collins ( Ex Deputy), Peter Collins ( Ex Deputy), Jacqui Snelling ( Secretary), Peter Jacques ( Treasurer)– The OBA Committee, pictured meeting on Sat 16 November 2019.

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