100 Club

The 100 Club is the only source of fund raising we have and these funds are used for the benefit of the Old Bexleians Association and Bexley Grammar School

Shares are sold in multiples of £5. 

Draws are held in: March, June, September and December


  • March, June, September:
    • 1st Prize: £25
    • 2nd Prize: £15  
    • 3rd Prize: £10
  • December:
    • 1st Prize: A proportion of the ‘profits’
    • 2nd Prize: £35  
    • 3rd Prize: £25  
    • 4th Prize: £15
 To join the 100 Club please e-mail your name and address to: [email protected]
I will send you an application form.– John Floyd: Promoter