GDPR is a complex piece of legislation designed to protect personal data. The legal position relating to Alumni Sites is subject to ongoing clarification in the courts and through custom and practice. Importantly, such sites were not the focus of the original legislation and many were in existence before GDPR and in development now. The OB Alumni facebook group is closed and administered by the school and for these two reasons is not covered by this policy.

The OBA will not publish or pass on email addresses without consent.

We are assuming that if ex pupils or staff register on this site and post biographies or photos they are actively giving consent for them to be displayed.

In respect of archive photos, sometimes these may be copyrighted by the photographer or, if taken by an individual his or her property with GDPR consents previously obtained if relevant. Where a book is quoted, due reference will be taken of copyright and appropriate permissions sought from the author or his/her estate with references attributed to the author.

If it is obvious that a photo focuses on an individual and his/her consent is obtained then published guidance recognises that there may be others in the background of the photo or otherwise who are not its primary focus and that therefore then issue of personal data does not arise in relation to them.

The OBA proposes not to tag photos on this site or otherwise name individuals in text unless with their consent. In general, if it is practical to do so we will obtain consent in advance of publicationtion

Generally however the OBA is not a profit -making business. It is an organisation designed as  a network for ex-students and staff and as a community archive. It is impractical to seek the consent of each and every individual who may appear or have appeared in a school photograph, a team photograph or at an OBA or school event. Also it defeats the purpose of our site if  we do not publish historic material or journalistic articles about BGS and its history

Our ex pupil and ex-staff lists are on open view. An individual can at any time edit a post about him/her /them self and ask for it to be deleted if their circumstances now dictate. The same applies to photos. We will be pleased to  crop or otherwise make an individual in aan  photograph unidentifiable or upon request  take down the photograph. We do not have plans currently to upload videos where individuals can be identified by voice.

This policy is marked draft and we welcome informed comment if there are GDPR experts in or close to our community. It will be taken before the OBA committee in due course.