Reprinted from BGS Alumni Facebook page post by Pete Spall

It is with a heavy heart that I have to report the death of Margaret Mabbs on Thursday. As you will have seen, I posted last Sunday that it was her 98th birthday on Tuesday. I was expecting some response to this, but was astounded at the number of likes and comments and birthday wishes, well beyond my expectations.
Miss Mabbs was taken into Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital on Monday with pneumonia and her garden party planned for her birthday was cancelled. She did however enjoy all her cards and messages in hospital on Tuesday. I had forwarded all your messages from this Alumni page to her carer on Monday and they were read to her. I am so glad that this was done so that she knew how much she was appreciated by those she had encountered at BGS.
Among the photos I’ve attached are the extracts from Robin Ackerley’s History of BGS, published in 2004, a tribute to Miss Mabbs by him and Mr Jones which is expressed much better than I could possibly do and gives detail of her time at BGS. All I would add is that Miss Mabbs’ unshakeable optimism seemed to me to come from her determination in seeking out, finding and encouraging the good in us all (perhaps her faith would term it the God in us all?) – and that she was Head of Johnson House throughout 1964 to 1981, maintaining that, though we were not often the winning house, we were always the most charitable and caring house!
Her carer forwarded the following details to me yesterday:
The Funeral, with Requiem Mass, of our much loved Revd Margaret will take place on Monday 25th July 1pm at St.Luke’s Church, Eltham Park, London SE9 1XY. This will be followed by cremation at 2.45pm North Chapel, Eltham Crematorium & drinks thereafter back in Church.
Her body will be received into church on the evening of Sunday 24th July, at 4.30pm with a service of Evensong followed by Benediction as well as the prayers for her reception.